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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

    1.Appropriate acquisition

    This company will use only fair, legal means to acquire personal information.

    2.Clarifying purposes of use

    When acquiring personal information, this company will clarify the purposes of use and, if it plans to provide it to a third party, will do so within appropriate boundaries after clarifying the purpose and scope of this.

    3.Limiting use outside of the stated purposes

    This company will restrict the use of personal information to the scope of purposes identified in advance and will not use personal information outside this scope without the approval of the guests concerned.

    4.Protection and management

    As well as implementing stringent security measures in relation to the personal information that this company holds, it will strive to ensure appropriate management of this personal information. Moreover, when providing personal information to any companies based on the consent of the guest as stated in 3 above, as long as there are no special circumstances, this company will seek to prevent the third party leaking this personal information or disclosing it to other parties, by means of an obligation in the contract.

    5.Enquiries and amendments, etc.

    If a guest wishes to check, amend or delete the personal information that we hold, they should contact us via our Personal Information Enquiries Desk and we will respond to their request after checking that it has been made by the guest him- or herself.

    1.Names of the companies handling personal information

    Araki Industry Co., Ltd.
    Kitaoumi Resort
    Restaurant Grand Cru

    2.Purposes of using the personal data held

    The personal data held by this company shall be used for the purposes of sales activities (including contacting customers, sending materials, making arrangements and requesting payment) relating to accommodation, parties, weddings and restaurant bookings, as well as sending direct mail and conducting customer satisfaction surveys. Moreover, this company will also use personal data to send out our mail magazine, but only to customers who have registered for this service.

    3.Procedure for responding to requests for disclosure, etc.

    In the event that this company receive a request from an individual or their agent concerning the notification of purposes of use, disclosure, amendment, addition to, deletion from, cessation of use or complete deletion (hereafter referred to as disclosure, etc.) of personal data held by this company, it will check that the applicant is the person whom the data concerns and then respond within a reasonable time and scope of response. Such requests should be addressed to this company’s Personal Information Enquiries Desk.

    4.Handling charge

    There is no charge for requests for the disclosure, etc. of information based on (3) above.


    Any complaints about this company’s handling of personal data should be sent to us by post, phone or fax. Our contact details are as follows:
<Personal Information Enquiries Desk>
0749-89-1888 (Int'l : +81-749-89-1888)